Raffaele Genovese - Keyboards

Born on June 4, 1982, Raffaele Genovese is a nationally renowned Jazz pianist from Syracuse, Sicily. Raffaele has studied with internationally acclaimed pianists Salvatore Bonafede, Andrea Beneventano, Paolo Vegari, and Raffaele Terlizzi. He has also performed and/or recorded with Fabrizio Bosso, Ben Van Gelder, Stefano D’Anna, Seby Burgio, and Matteo Sabattini. Raffaele has released three of his own albums: Freeway (2011), Anamnesi (2013), and Musaico (2016). In addition to gigging around Sicily, Raffaele performs at concerts and festivals all over Europe and teaches at the artistic high school in Syracuse, Sicily. Raffaele generously played all concerts and recording sessions FREE OF CHARGE for the One Humanity project. For more information on Raffaele, visit raffaelegenovese.com